Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 and A New Year

What a beautiful Christmas it was! We had snow in Tennessee.

Aubry and I have been reading the Little House books and she wanted a dress from that era so I made her one. When she wore it to church she told her friends she was "walking history". One young man said she looked like a China doll.
This is a picture of Aubry and Logan waiting for the mail. They had a package coming.

And with the new year, I tried to do some cleaning and organizing. Aubry and YoYo helped clean out a corner cabinet. You can see how much help they were. HA

2011 is off to a good start. School lessons have begun. Plans for the coming months are a trip to Atlanta, a snow tubing trip to Indiana with our church teens, and I'll be participating in a sewing retreat as a teacher!

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Little Stinkers

Todd was out taking care of our chickens when along came a momma skunk and her 6 babies!  Notice the tails sticking up in the top photo.