Saturday, December 31, 2011

Current Projects

I feel like a kid again sometimes. For Christmas, Aubry received this adorable little cat doll. Her name is Biscuit. She came with no clothes so I had to make a few things quickly. This little gown is one of my creations. But then she needed somewhere to sleep so I fixed up this shoe box and I surprised myself. he he Isn't it cute?! Aubry was so excited when I got it all completed.

Todd and I are also in the process of making a new bed. These old doors came from an old house that was torn down. They were too gorgeous to let the dump get them so we repurposed them. Todd is working on the bed frame as I type and I'll post more pictures of the completed project when it's all done.

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Little Stinkers

Todd was out taking care of our chickens when along came a momma skunk and her 6 babies!  Notice the tails sticking up in the top photo.